Cops Strip, Strand Halloween Prankster by; Rick McCann

Staten Island N.Y. Nov. 3 2007

Two Staten Island cops were arrested Friday for stripping a Halloween prankster and leaving the boy stranded in a remote area, police said.
Officers Richard Danese and Thomas Elliassen, both 28, were charged with unlawful imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a minor, police said.

They caught 14-year-old Rayshawn Moreno of Graniteville throwing eggs at cars on Wednesday evening in a 120th Precinct neighborhood and decided to teach him a lesson, a police source and the boy's family said.
The cops drove the Port Richmond High School freshman to a swampy area of the 122nd Precinct, dropped him off wearing only boxer shorts and socks and left, the source said.
The boy hiked to a Burlington Coat Factory store on South Ave. and asked a security guard there to call his parents, who picked him up, his dad said.
"Rayshawn was taken to a secluded, remote area, stripped of his clothes, beaten by the officers and left for dead," said his father, James Hezel. The cops later told their supervisor that they dropped the kid off to scare him, the source said. They said they returned to find him later but that he was gone, the source said.

Hezel said he believed the officers, who are white, picked on his son because the teen is black.

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