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ORLANDO, Fla. Nov. 3 2007 -- A 14-year-old boy is accused of random sex attacks on five women. A tip from inside the Orlando Police Department revealed the accusations against the boy before he was even charged.
Several of the women were attacked in the parking lot of a Publix store on State Road 436 in the Conway area. One woman said the boy even tried to rape her.
Detectives say the Boone High School freshman is in custody and they are in the process of charging him with attempted rape. The 14-year-old reportedly looked for women who were walking to their car and, while they were unloading their groceries, he attacked them.
Orlando detectives say 14-year-old Malik Gaither attacked five different women in the Publix parking lot on Semoran Boulevard. He preyed on women who were shopping in the grocery store. According to police reports, the teenager used a fake BB gun to scare his victims.
Meredith Sena works at a Publix and told Eyewitness News one of her co-workers was attacked in the parking lot.
"He was in our parking lot and I guess she was getting out of work and I guess he touched her," Sena said.
But detectives said it didn't stop there. In one case, while a woman was unloading her groceries, detectives said Gaither walked up behind her and grabbed her rear. He then pulled out a fake BB gun and tried to carjack her. The woman screamed for help and Gaither took off.
While running away, police said, Gaither spotted a second victim near the Regency Garden Apartments in Conway. Deputies said he grabbed the woman, stuck the BB gun in her face and told her he was going to rape her. The woman fought with the teenager and was able to get away.
The Boone High School teenager was arrested for battery charges. Now other shoppers are worried the teenager will get released and target women again. Publix employees told Eyewitness News extra security has been added in the parking lots.

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