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Leesburg VA. Nov. 2 2007 A teacher at Sterling Middle School has been charged with being drunk in a public school, after the sheriff's office was alerted by the school's personnel.

Mary Ann Livoti, 56, a reading specialist at the middle school, was taken into custody after a student alerted a dean that she might be intoxicated, Kraig Troxell, the sheriff's office spokesperson, said. The dean informed the principal, who involved the school resource officer. The school resource officer, a deputy assigned to Sterling Middle School, determined that Livoti was drunk through a breathalyzer test and contacted the sheriff's office. Livoti was charged with being drunk in public and is being held at the adult detention center, where she will remain until deputies determine she is sober.

"We will review the case with the Commonwealth's Attorney's office, but at this point the charge is only drunk in public," Troxell said.Wayde Byard, public information officer for the public schools, said Livoti has been placed on paid administrative leave until the case is resolved."It is paid leave because we do not want to prejudice the case at all," Byard said.

Byard said every middle and high school in the county has a school resource officer to deal with cases like this one, but that the schools turn over all cases to the Sheriff's Office to be investigated.

Livoti started working for Loudoun County Public Schools almost 30 years ago. She taught in the county from 1978 to 1982, then returned in 1998 where she taught until today. Livoti has been teaching at Sterling Middle School since 2000.

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