Bank Robbed, Cameras Not Working, Armed Guard Spooked

MIRAMAR, Fla. --Nov. 2 2007 Two men who robbed a Bank of America may have been left empty-handed after a dye pack exploded.
Police said two armed men charged a Bank of America at 7950 Miramar Parkway that was bustling with customers and employees mid-morning Thursday.
Miramar police spokesman Bill Robertson said that two or three men drove up to the bank in a white Crown Victoria. An armed security guard approached the car to tell the driver to move from where the car was parked, when he noticed one of the men had a gun and all had bandanas over their faces.

The guard stood back, allowing the men to enter the bank. "He did the right thing," said Robertson. "He was able to give us information on the suspects."
While one robber kept eight customers at bay, the second man jumped over the counter, carrying a green canvas bag. He stuffed the bag with money and left, witnesses said. There were 12 employees in the bank at the time, police said.
The men fled the scene, but a short time later, police found the canvas bag on a side street near the bank. The dye pack apparently exploded, and it was found in the bag, along with money.
"It appears the men did not get away with any cash at all," said Robertson.
Police said that they will need to rely on the security guard's description of the robbers because the bank's security cameras were not working.
There were no shots fired, and there were no injuries, police said.

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