T.J. Maxx Security Officer Killed On The Job by; Rick McCann www.privateofficer.com

PITTSTON, Pa. October 31, 2007 11:40a.m. est

BREAKING NEWS-We have just learned that a security officer was killed this morning and are still gathering information and will post it as soon as we have further details. This is what we know so far.

A security guard is dead in an accident involving two trucks at a distribution center in Luzerne County.
State police say one truck stopped at the security gate as it was leaving the TJ Maxx Distribution Center on Tuesday at the Grimes Industrial Park near Pittston.
The driver of the truck could not get its doors open.
A second truck stopped and the driver got out to help.
Police say one of the trucks then started to roll and hit the security guard at the gate, killing him.
The guard's name was not immediately released.

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