MILWAUKEE WI. Oct. 11 2007

A security guard for El Rey caught a fleeing thief Tuesday about 2:20 pm, and much of the incident was captured by surveillance cameras outside the super market.
The video shows a mother loading her groceries into the trunk while a man reaches into her van and pushes her five-year-old son aside to snatch her purse sitting between the two front seats.
The victim says she ran after the suspect and yelled for help, but no one came to her aid until a security guard suddenly appeared.
That guard says he leapt into action when he heard the victim's cries for help -- even though he had finished his shift and was walking to the bus stop.
"I started running after him," said the guard, whose boss insisted he remain anonymous.
The video shows the suspect trying to evade capture by running behind a moving truck -- and almost getting hit. But the thief keeps running until the speedy security guard catches up to him, to the suspect's surprise.
The security guard says it was the first time in seven years on the job that he had to tackle a fleeing criminal to apprehend him.
The guard's commander says the security guard on duty heard the commotion, joined the pursuit, and was able to discover the purse -- which the victim said the thief tried to hide so he could come back and get it later.
The security guards' commander says his employees are trained and licensed to carry weapons. He says the guards are trained when to use them, and in this case the guard didn't need to use any weapons.
Central Protection Services commander Pablo Velazquez says it is never a good idea for a citizen to leave car doors open, or to chase a criminal.
"Secure your kids; secure your belongings. You make yourself a target when you leave your purse unattended," said Velazquez.

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