LAS VEGAS NV. OCT. 19 2007

A Metro Police standoff, a few blocks east of the Las Vegas Strip, ended and the suspected gunman is in police custody.
Three Metro officers were shot as they answered a domestic disturbance call.
In the exclusive video of that shootout, police officers can be seen on the ground exchanging gunfire with the gunman who barricaded himself in a second story apartment near Twain and Paradise.
Police say they received a call reporting a domestic disturbance between a mother and her adult son around 1:30 Friday afternoon. Officers answering the call say they could hear sounds of a struggle and then gun shots.
The area was shut down, as dozens of Metro officers rushed to the scene to help the wounded officers.
SWAT teams were on stand-by and several K-9 units were on the scene. Eventually, after three-and-a-half hours of negotiations, the gunman surrendered.
Metro Sergeant John Loretto said, "The negotiations were successful. The subject turned himself over to police. He was taken into custody and is on his way to the Clark County Detention Center."
That man now faces a number of criminal charges, including murder.
All three of the wounded police officers are expected to make a full recovery. They were transported to University Medical Center's Trauma Center where they were listed in stable condition. They sustained non-life threatening injuries.
One of those officers was shot in the belt and is okay; another was shot in the chest, but was saved by his bullet proof vest. A third officer was hit in the wrist.
Two of them could be released from the hospital Friday night.
Metro spokesman Martin Wright said, "The one that will be kept over night is the one that was shot in the wrist. He will have surgery on it and when he will be released will be determined by his doctor."
Again, the three police officers are expected to recover from their injuries.
Dozens of people living in the neighborhood were evacuated from their homes during the standoff. Neighbors say they often heard family members arguing in the apartment where the incident happened.
Students at William E. Orr Middle School, Dean Peterson Elementary School, and Ruby Thomas Elementary School were kept indoors, as the schools went into lockdown mode while police negotiated with the shooter.
Anxious parents showed up at the schools looking for their children, but were forced to wait outside.
The lockdown was finally lifted at about 5 p.m. and students were released to their parents.

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