A police department of one is no more. Sixty-seven-year old Randy Wells, the chief of the Forest Hills Police Department, was killed around 2 p.m. Monday afternoon while trying to protect a road crew from oncoming traffic on the gene Snyder freeway.

Police don't yet know how or why, but it appears the driver of a box truck made a horrible mistake that cost a man his life. A man whose sole purpose for being on the Snyder Monday was to protect the lives of a road crew.
"This box truck for some reason didn't see him," said LMPD spokesperson Phil Russell. "The truck struck the police vehicle and slammed him into what's considered a crash vehicle for the construction crew."
Two other pickup trucks were also hit, seriously injuring two people on the road crew who were installing reflectors in the northbound lanes of the Gene Snyder Freeway near the Ford Truck Plant. Chief Wells was in his patrol car as the slow-moving caravan moved along the freeway, installing each reflector.
"It's a reminder to us of the sacrifices that we make," Russell said, "and here's an example of an officer whose here for the protection of others."
There were no signs posted warning drivers to slow down, but police say the officer had his flashing lights on and the work trucks had big flashing arrows warning drivers to change lanes to avoid the work crew.
While Chief Wells never worked for the Louisville Metro Police Department, some of the officers investigating the fatal crash knew the Forest Hills Police Chief well.
"I just saw him Saturday and spoke with him," Russell said. "So it hits us all very hard any time a law enforcement officer is killed, particularly in the line of duty."
The driver of that box truck belonging to Jet Z Laundry Systems Company was also injured in the crash, but not seriously.
Police hope to get some answers from that driver as to what happened.
It's too early to know if any charges will be filed in this case, but we did see prosecutors from the Jefferson County Attorney's office talking to police at the scene.

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