NYC Mayor Security Agent Attacked

New York City, NY. Oct. 23, 2007

A member of the mayor's security team was attacked on a Manhattan subway platform Monday afternoon while traveling with the mayor. Sources say the mayor and his security detail were waiting for the 4 and 5 trains at the Fulton Street Station Monday afternoon when a man lunged at one of the officers. Sources say the officer struggled with the 30 year-old man when the train arrived and the mayor hopped on board. Commuters who spoke with NY1 were surprised to hear the news. "Makes me second guess trying to go this way," said one commuter. "Maybe I should try to find another route or something like that. I'm not sure. It's crazy." "It's very scary. I take this train everyday. Now I have to watch out, you know. I'm sorry to hear that," added another. The mayor was not hurt and officials say there is no reason to think the man was targeting the him. The suspect is under observation at an area hospital.

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