Mall security shoots at fleeing shoplifting suspects

HOUSTON Tx. Oct. 23, 2007 - An off-duty Fort Bend County sheriff's deputy working security for West Oaks Mall fired his weapon twice at a motorist who apparently attempted to run over him Sunday evening after being ordered to stop.

Police are looking for the driver, who escaped along with two other suspected shoplifters.
Glen Duran, a deputy assigned to the county jail, was called by store clerks after three men were caught shoplifting at the Macy's store just before 6 p.m., said Victor Senties, spokesman for the Houston Police Department. The three suspects had been followed by security personnel inside the store where they were reportedly seen going from department to department, throwing items over their shoulders. As the suspects were leaving the store, Duran was summoned and followed them into the parking lot.Reports said when he ordered the men not to get into their car, they jumped in and the driver put the car in reverse in an attempt to hit the deputy, who fired two shots at the fleeing one was injured and police are investigating the incident.

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