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San Luis Obispo, Ca. Oct. 22, 2007

A former correctional officer at the County Jail is facing criminal charges for allegedly exposing himself to a female inmate and having her expose herself in exchange for candy bars and other favors, according to sheriff’s officials.
Steven Edward Irysh, 23, is accused of indecent exposure and being a jail employee engaging in sexual activity with a confined person, according to court documents.
Irysh pleaded not guilty May 16 to both misdemeanor charges, according to court documents. The case was in court Wednesday for a pretrial hearing but was continued to Oct. 31.
If convicted, Irysh could face up to 18 months in jail, according to Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Brown.
The former correctional officer allegedly offered the candy bars and said he would deliver notes to male inmates in exchange for female inmates flashing him.
“At least two different inmates claim that they exposed body parts to him at his request on more than one occasion,” Undersheriff Steve Bolts said. “And on another occasion, after one of them exposed a private part, he allegedly revealed his private parts and allegedly masturbated within the jail area.”
Employees at the jail learned of the alleged crimes after reviewing outgoing inmate mail.
“There was a message from an outgoing letter from a female inmate about an officer asking her to flash the officer,” Bolts said.
The alleged incidents were not caught on videotape, Bolts said.
Attempts to reach Irysh were unsuccessful.
The former correctional officer had worked at the jail for less than two years and was no longer employed there as of April 3, Bolts said. He declined to explain the conditions under which Irysh’s employment ended.
Deputy District Attorney Craig Van Rooyen said the charges are based on one purported victim and alleged crimes that happened between March 13 and 28 of this year.
Irysh’s San Luis Obispo attorney, Ilan Funke-Bilu, could not be immediately reached for comment.

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