ST. CHARLES.MO. OCT.12, 2007

A trip to the doctor turns terrifying for a Lincoln County woman after she's carjacked in a parking lot.What's most shocking is where it happened and when- outside St. Joseph's Health Center in downtown St. Charles in broad daylight!"It’s just not something you would expect to happen right here," explained a concerned Robin Fanning who drives to St. Joseph’s regularly from Warrenton.It all went down at 1:45 Wednesday afternoon outside a St. Joseph's Health Center medical building.Investigators say 33 year old James Snelson of O’Fallon, Missouri, attacked a 58 year old woman from Foley as she was getting into her car after leaving a doctor's appointment."He actually came up behind her and grabbed her by the shoulder and put his arm around her neck and pulling her back demanding the keys to the car," said St. Charles Police Detective George Grove.Grove says Snelson got the woman's keys and took off in her SUV.
The woman came to hospital worker Christina Parker for help."A lady ran up and asked me to dial 911 for her," Parker told us.Parker added, "She was very shaken up, she wasn't scared or petrified or anything like that. She was just very shaken up like something had just happened. She seemed pretty traumatized by it."Many people are stunned by the carjacking.Caryn Blankenship works at St. Joseph's.She had been parking in the same lot where the attack happened.But not now."It is scary. Nothing like this has happened since I’ve worked here for six years. So yeah, it is scary," explained Caryn."Light out, people everywhere. It shouldn't have happened. Something like that shouldn't have happened," said Fanning.Hospital officials call the assault an isolated incident.But they are going to try and step up security.Hospital Security Director John Mueller said, "We will make sure we provide exceptional security patrols throughout the days and try and make sure we be a little more diligent because you just never know.""We'll be on guard a lot more later on when we leave," added Blankenship.Cops used phone records to help catch up with Snelson.He was arrested Wednesday night at a Ferguson Walmart using a pay phone.Snelson is charged with second degree robbery for the carjacking.He's also facing charges for stealing his father's car last weekend.The woman was not hurt in this attack.

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