Homeowner Finds Strangers Moved In While She Was Gone by; Rick McCann www.privateofficer.com

DECATUR, Ala. Oct. 19, 2007--

Sometimes after taking a long vacation or being away on an extended business trip a person can get very homesick and other times when you arrive back the house doesn't quite look as you remembered it. Such was the case of a woman in northern Alabama recently.

Kim Ledford returned to her home after an extended absence and found a strange man in her bed and a woman wearing her clothes. Then another man walked up to question why she was in his house. She dialed 911 and police were able to arrive before the intruders had a chance to move on.
Once police sorted things out, two of the visitors were charged with burglary, Kelly Jo Moore, 45, and Cornelius Goode, 29. The man in the bed was not immediately identified or charged.
Decatur police spokesman Lt. Frank DeButy said Moore was wearing Ledford's clothes and said she would leave the home if it was causing a problem.
DeButy says Goode falsely claimed to be the owner of the residence. It's unclear how long the intruders had been living in the house.
DeButy said police also found drug paraphernalia on Moore.
Moore and Goode are currently living in the Morgan County Jail. Ahhh, home sweet home.

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