ATLANTA GA. OCT. 30, 2007


This is just a brief reminder that although Halloween is a time for treats, it is also time for tricks and if you are working a security position on Tuesday October 30th or Wednesday October 31st, be on your toes!

Officers working high risk assignments such as banks, shopping malls, apartment complexes and schools should use caution when approaching a costumed individual especially under suspicous circumstances or in response to a complaint investigation.

Persons entering banks with masks should be asked to remove them and any weapons including baseball bats, play guns, swords, knives or clubs should be left outside the bank building.

If you are unsure whether or not the weapon is real, approach the subject in "the ready" position and DO NOT take chances. If necessary call for immediate back-up from your local police agencies.

Halloween is used as a time of crime and opportunity by criminals and you should not be tricked into believing that it's all just a harmless prank.

If you are patrolling shopping malls or apartments be alert for the children, drive carefully and be observant. Again, this time of year gives shoplifters and robbers perfect cover and in years past has been a prime robbery day for jewelry stores, banks, armoured cars and the like so be alert!

When in doubt, approach the situation cautiously, unhurried and always in the ready position. Do not get sidetracked. Diversions can easily be used during these days and as you chase nothing, an armed robbery could be occurring two doors down.

Most of, www.privateofficer.com and The National Association Of Private Officer

wishes you a safe and uneventful Halloween!

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