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ANCHORAGE, Alaska Oct. 26, 2007 — A man was killed with a frying pan, dismembered and then his body parts were bagged and placed in a freezer, police said.
The body of the victim, 38-year-old Terry Lee Jackson, was discovered Saturday when a woman went to open up her freezer, police said.
Authorities are still searching for the woman's grandson, 22-year-old Elmer Seetot, who shares the apartment with her.
A warrant charges Seetot with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence.
Police claim the murder happened after the two men drank and fought Friday night.
The grandmother, Ruth Seetot, told police she went to bed early Friday night because she hadn't been feeling well, but woke up briefly when her grandson came in. Later, she got up to use the restroom and saw reddish-colored water in the bathtub, but thought it might have been a dream, she told police.
The next morning, she told police her grandson was still there, but was crying and was upset.
"I accidentally killed Terry," he told her, according to an affidavit. "He boxed me then I grabbed a skillet and hit him in the head."

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