Couple Arrested For Using Kids To Steal by; Rick McCann

HILLSBORO, Ore. Oct. 19, 2007- It's happened again ,same old story different names and location. This time the family shoplifting spree took place in Oregon. Police have arrested a couple accused of using two children in their care to help them shoplift.
Target retail security spotted the man and woman and several children acting suspicously and alerted Hillsboro police when they saw the two adults selecting items in the store and placing them in the cart. After loading the shopping cart, the adults would leave and have one of two children push the cart out without paying.
Adam Brown, 27, and 24-year-old Amber Wilson were arrested for theft and lodged into the Washington County Jail. Beaverton police issued a search warrant for the couple's car and apartment. The search revealed wrapping and material from other merchandise possibly from other stores. The investigation is continuing.
Police took a total of five children, some biological, into protective custody.
Just last week a lady in Florida was accussed f using her grandchildren in her shoplifting spree and another woman was arrested for having her ten year old neice conceal clothing, make-up and jewelry in her bookbag.

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