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DERBY KS. Oct 29, 2007

The Wal Mart in Derby was evacuated after a strong chemical odor sickened many people inside.
123 people were triaged on the scene, 17 of which were transported to local emergency rooms. As of Monday, all 17 have been released.

The patients were suffering respiratory ailments which made them cough and vomit. Many of the patients were treated for minor symptoms at the scene.
It is believed the chemical originated from the photo lab area, but Derby fire officials don't know the exact chemical that caused the problem. Meanwhile, the parking lot was blocked off by police while fire and ambulance crews treated the patients.
The Derby school district placed several school buses in the parking lot, which were on standby in case there was a need for mass transports to hospitals. All patients who went to the hospital, however, were taken by ambulances.
The store reopened shortly after 10:00 pm after fire officials and hazardous materials crews said the area was safe.

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